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Construction Date: 1825*

Historic Use: Commerce/Trade

Historic Names: Commercial, 29 Main Street (Function/Location), Garner’s Grocery (Historic)

History: 29 Main Street was constructed by 1886, according to the Sanborn map. The actual construction date is likely earlier based on style, but this would require further research to determine the actual build date. It was a clothier in 1886 then a dry goods store by 1891. Garner’s Grocery was established in the building from 1900-1912, a 5-10-25 cent store by 1915, then Carters General Store from 1920 to the 1980’s. This 2-story, 3 bay two-part commercial building has a cornice covered by a cloth awning on the facade. There are two additions on the north elevation. Based on the Sanborn maps, it is likely that the first addition was constructed by the the early 1900’s and the second one in the mid to late 1900’s. The building is an excellent example of a Federal style commercial building and represents the mid-nineteenth-century commercial resources within the district. Although the building does not possess sufficient architectural or historical significance to qualify for individual listing in the National Register, it is a contributing resource to the Warrenton Historic District under Criterion C for architecture.


The name “Denim & Pearls” has more to do with the atmosphere, and the feeling we want our guests to get when they walk through our doors, than about the food we serve. The term “upscale casual” has been adapted by countless restaurants in the last 10 years. We wanted to find another way to convey that message. We want our guests to dress up if they want to or come in shorts and a t shirt. We want them to think of us for their anniversary and special occasions or because it’s Tuesday and they don’t want to cook. The name reflects being out in the “country” of northern Virginia.

The actual name is from a Country Song, by Drake White, “Making Me Look Good Again”. There’s a line in the song that goes “leather and lace, denim and pearls, whiskey and wine”. The “denim and pearls” part just stuck with us.

We started with our cow hide barstools and went from there.


Jenn Robinson, Owner, Denim & Pearls Restaurant

Jenn Robinson, Owner

Woody Isaac, Head Chef, Denim & Pearls Restaurant

Woody Isaac, Head Chef

Taylor Davenport,
General Manager

Yannick Isaac, Manager


Here at Denim & Pearls, we believe that each guest should be treated like family. And family deserves the best of everything. We hope you can taste the pride and passion we put into each of our dishes.

“I like to cook like each dish will be the best thing they’ve ever tasted, and to do that, there needs to be love”   — Chef Woody


We strive to create dishes that cannot be found anywhere else, and our Executive Chef Woody does not disappoint! He began his career as a line-cook in 2002 and climbed the ladder from there, becoming an Executive Chef in 2010 and taking over our kitchen in 2019. Bringing with him not only passion, but his Classic Shrimp & Grits, which have become a staple on our menu. His creative cuisine is featured on our daily Lunch and Dinner Menus, but he goes one step further–creating spectacular dishes for our monthly wine dinners. Just from one taste of wine, Chef Woody can create an entire meal to pair perfectly.

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